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Most of our pet sitters were raised on ranches, so responsibility, work ethic, integrity, practicality and loving care for animals is part of their DNA. Please call, text or email with questions and we’ll get back to you with pricing and details.

Meet our Team!

Jade Cross
Hi! My name is Jade Cross. I am the Store Manager here at Bozeman Dog Company, but I am also offering my pet-sitting services. I am a 20-year-old who resides here in the Gallatin Valley. I love animals more than anything; dogs and horses are for sure a favorite. I have been dog-sitting professionally since 2019. I do have many references available upon request, as well as listed below. Throughout my life, I have lived with and raised several dogs, as well as cows, chickens, pigs, fish, turkeys, goats, cats, and other odd end creatures. Furthermore, I do have pet sitting and/or work experience with horses, reptiles, small animals (bunnies, Guinea pigs, hamsters...), and more!       Services I am offering to the greater Gallatin area include any pet sitting, horse/farm work, house sitting, plant care, dog walking, colt breaking, horse groundwork, watering/feeding/cleaning animals and enclosures/areas. If you are requesting something I did not list, we can discuss it further.

There isn’t an animal Ciara met that she didn’t fall in love with and believes it’s reciprocal. Growing up with animals, mostly dogs and horses, she’s always hoped to find a job that would allow her to work with pets. She started photographing them, but decided her main intent was to care for them. She’s walked and pet sat many animals, mainly horses, cows, and dogs. She is crazy about her own one eyed rescue dog, Jax, yet treats every pet the same way she treats him to ensure they’re in good hands. She is working on becoming a certified pet groomer while taking care of dogs and horses. Most of her free time is spent hiking with dogs, riding horses, or cows. She is available for watching all of your fur babies.


Hello!  My name is Kaylee, and  I am 28 year old dog mom of two. My girl Diamond is 11 years old, and my boy Jojo is 3. Diamond as an old timer and has special care requirements with her arthritis, and Jojo has been a learning process as his previous owner was deaf, so he knew no verbal commands. This experience has taught me so much more about dogs, most importantly ( and I think sometimes an overlooked aspect)  is that each dog has their own requirements. Dogs are like people in the way they are all different, they all have their own personalities and needs, and for me, I find that my strong suit! I can tell very well when/how a dog is communicating with me, and what it's about ! 

I am a naturally energetic person (I teach strength training and other fitness classes) so I love going for long walks and hikes! This makes me a great match for energetic/work dogs, however if you have an old timer who wants to just relax, that's fine as well – I can keep a close eye on their comfort and provide lots of belly rubs :) I am an artist and reader so I also know how to enjoy the calm. I also have experience owning a dog who was sensitive around other dogs, so I'm very responsible and aware of our surroundings at all times. I’m eager to help out with your dogs’ needs!
Leah Smith
Leah Smith has been pet-sitting for many years. She is from Spokane, Washington and is currently a freshman at Montana State University studying Equine Science. About 8 years ago she started taking horse riding lessons which kickstarted her love for all animals. Since then, she has watched a wide variety of animals, mainly horses, dogs, and cats. She also has experience with many farm animals, reptiles, bunnies, birds, and more. Back home she went through training for dog and cat CPR and first aid and in addition she has experience giving medications to dog, cats, and horses. The services she would like to offer include any pet sitting, horse/farm sitting, house sitting, dog walking, enclosure/stall cleaning, and much more! She loves all animals and since being away from home she misses being around them.

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