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We are the authorized Invisible Fence® Brand dealer for the majority of Montana, a portion of northern Wyoming, and part of Idaho.  An Invisible Fence system is not just about keeping your pets safely in the yard, it can also keep your dogs or cats off your favorite furniture, out of the trash, etc.  A wired outdoor system can cover up to 40 acres, and our GPS system can cover thousands of acres, so your pets can run free!
Working with Invisible Fence® Brand gives you the assurance of 50+ years of industry-leading experience, expert installation, vet-endorsed Perfect Start Plus training and service from professionals who truly care about your pet’s well-being.  All systems come with a one-year containment and money-back guarantee, and most equipment with a lifetime warranty. Call us for guarantee and warranty details and of course with any questions.
Call 406-577-2733 to discuss which system (indoor, outdoor, and access in between) would be best for you and your pet.


"The team at Invisible Fence is extremely helpful, professional, and experts at what they do. We have loved our IF since we had it installed 2 1/2 years ago. We just recently got a new pup and called the store to discuss training. John came out and reset our collars and quickly became friends with our new addition. In a matter of days our new one has adapted and we couldn't be happier. Our Invisible Fence kept our views and open space while keeping our boys out of the neighbor's yards. An excellent investment for our home. I would highly recommend John & the team at Invisible Fence to anyone with pets!"

"The GPS invisible fence is amazing! We have 20 acres and chose to invisible boundary 3acres around the house. After a couple of hours of training our 2 dooodles learned their new yard. They love having freedom to run. Best investment ever  for our fur kids!"

"I never thought it would work for my stubborn lab but it did! We just got a new labradoodle puppy and I couldn't wait to get her trained with the fence too. We waited a couple of weeks to get her comfortable in her new environment. It was a long 2 weeks! Now with her staying in the boundaries, it's awesome. She loves being outside and it gives me great comfort knowing she won't get out. I would recommend this to anyone."

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