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We have so many new and exciting things happening, we want to keep you as up-to-date as possible. Please read below to find out what we have happening in store!



Elevat8 Pet Provisions - New, Featured Dog Food
New, Local Dog Food
Proudly produced in Montana. To ensure the highest quality finished product, we own our production, a state-of-the-art USDA-certified facility in Lincoln, Montana.
100% Grass-Fed Beef. 

Their Story

Elevate Pet Provisions works with small farms and ranches to source only the finest ingredients. By working directly with the producers we enable ourselves to know our ingredients and to further the small family farms and ranches. We won’t allow our dog food to be infected by big commercial farming and ranching practices because the food quality suffers as does the plight of the rural economies. Our ingredients are all grown in the United States by families practicing high standards of animal husbandry and sustainable farming practices.



Grooming - New Schedule Available and New Software!

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We have three wonderful groomers, with a combined availability from 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week! Check them out on our grooming page, or book now through our great booking service! 
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Happy Groom Client!

Here is a wonderful review left by one of our beloved grooming clients! 

"We took our dog, Daisy, to get her first haircut at Bozeman Dog Company in Four Corners.
Jade had clipped our other elderly dog’s, nails, and I liked the way she interacted with her.
Daisy is a Bernedoodle and has a ton of hair. I let Jade know what I wanted, and she delivered! Daisy looks great, and I will continue to take her to Bozeman Dog Company for her grooming.
Jade is gentle, kind and very skilled at her job!"

- Willow Black, with Daisy the Bernedoodle. 

Training! New trainers, new options!
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Our new trainers are experienced, dog-loving trainers who are new to Bozeman Dog Company. We are ecstatic to be bringing them onto our team! Read more about Grace, and Courtney on our training page. 
With bringing Grace on, we have a wider variety of training classes available! This includes, but isn't limited to, agility, puppy training, and obedience! Read more by visiting our training page!

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