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Our training courses lead to a well-behaved dog and a positive, rewarding relationship between you and your dog.  The courses are designed to provide you with the tools needed to teach your dog to be well-mannered, obedient, and happy. Utilizing only positive reinforcement training methods, our classes are effective, fun, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our top-notch trainers offer a wide variety of classes for all breeds and ages.
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Meet the Team! 

Grace Carlin

Hi! I’m so happy you’re here! My name is Grace Carlin, I have worked with dogs my whole life and have been professionally training dogs for 4 years now. Dogs are the center my world!

My career started when I was 19 working at dog daycares. There I was immersed in dog body language and their behavior, it felt like a second language to me. I interned at several different training companies to develop my unique style of dog training. I quickly learned that force-free and fear-free training is my preferred method! My passion blossomed when I was accepted into a service dog training internship with type 1 diabetic alert and mobility assistance dogs. Being able to train these dogs who will change people’s lives was extremely rewarding. Witnessing the growth of a human-dog bond is truly like nothing else.

After graduating college, I continued my training journey and pride myself on continuing my education. I recently became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. This certification verifies my broad range of knowledge and skills in ethology, learning theory, training technique/instruction, and mastery of humane, science-based training practices.

Training should be fun and something both humans and dogs enjoy! I’m here to help you understand what drives your dog, and what it takes to satisfy their needs and allow you both to enjoy each other. I can’t wait to meet you and your pup!

What Grace Offers:

Obedience Level 1

In this fun five week long class, I will help you and your dog begin working as a team. We use people- and dog-friendly methods that will teach your dog sit, lay down, stay, come when you call, walk politely on leash, mat work, leave it…etc. Each class includes question/answer time, and problem solving to help you turn your dog into the type of companion you can truly be proud to take anywhere. Beginning Obedience is the first step to help you achieve your goals.

Vaccinated dogs from 8 weeks to 18 years, are welcome to participate.  

Obedience Level 2

In this five week long class, you and your dog will improve the skills learned in Level 1 Obedience. We will be working on improving Sits, Downs, Recalls, Loose Leash Walking and other foundation skills. I will start to add in some distractions, duration, and distance to these skills as well.

Vaccinated dogs who have taken Beginning Obedience or dogs who can demonstrate equivalent skills are welcome to participate.

Boredom Busters

Do you have a smart cookie? Is your dog frequently bored, or (worse yet) prone to making up their own games? I can help! In this 3 week mini class, I'll help you discover new enrichment games and activities that your dog loves! Whether you're wearing out a working dog, keeping a cooped-up canine satisfied during recovery from a medical procedure, or simply ready to provide your puppy prodigy with some real problems to solve using their big brain, I can help you out! 

Courtney Horning

Hello there! My name is Courtney Horning. I am a dog trainer for Bozeman Dog Company and Invisible Fence of the Big Sky!I started working with dogs at a very young age, volunteering at animal shelters, shadowing veterinarians, animal clubs in school, and helping raise all my family’s dogs, cats, and all kinds of little creatures growing up. Beginning at age 13, I started working at veterinary hospitals. Through high school and a few years after graduating high school, I worked as a veterinary technician at animal hospitals in Memphis, TN.

I moved to Bozeman, Montana from Memphis, Tennessee in 2012 to continue my education at Montana State University, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a minor degree in Psychology. Following graduation, I began working at Bozeman Dog Company and Invisible Fence of the Big Sky as a trainer, office assistant, and a pet consultant. I joined the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to continue learning and building my skills to provide the best positive reinforcement training techniques to all of my clients.

I offer three different classes; Puppy Preschool, Adolescent Puppy Training, and Intermediate Obedience Training. Each class is 6 weeks long; 5 weeks of training and the 6th week is added for their “Graduation night” where I put together an obstacle course, certificates and goodie bags for all the participants!  I also regulate the number of participants for each of my classes to ensure each dog and owner has plenty of one on one time with me during class, minimize distractions for the puppies so they have space to learn and retain the training, and build close relationships with each owner and their dog. I also offer Private training for clients that prefer one on one in-home training sessions for obedience and any other behavior problem owners may encounter with their dogs.



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