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Top 3 Products Your Montana Dog Needs This Winter

Even in the cold winter months in Montana, there are so many fun things to do with your dog outside! Hiking, Ice fishing, cross country skiing, snow showing and so much more! Here are the top 3 must-have products to make sure your pup enjoys these activities as much as you do!

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1. Ruffwear Polar Trex Boots

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For long outdoor adventures, these are a must-have! They come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for any dog’s paws. They keep your dog's paws warm and protected and have great traction for any kind of snowy or icy adventure you could think of!

2. Ruffwear Quinzee Jackets

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These high-quality down jackets are perfect for any winter outing! They come in sizes XXS to XXL so there is sure to be a size for every type of dog. If you’re just going for a quick walk around the block or on a long mountain adventure, your furry friend will be nice a cozy with this amazing jacket!

3. Musher's Secret

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This all-natural, all-season paw protectant is amazing! It’s perfect for all sorts of different adventures because it dries in seconds and is good for up to 40 miles in all kinds of rough and raw conditions. In the winter it protects again salt residue, ice melt, snowballing, and ice build-up. Even if you’re just going for a quick walk this stuff is a must to protect your furry friends’ paws.

Stop by Bozeman Dog Company for all your winter fun needs! No adventure is complete without snacks so don’t forget to grab some of our high-quality treats and chews!

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