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Intro Sale--20% off Fido Pro Protection through April 28th!

Updated: Mar 27

Want to give your pup the best protection available? Bozeman Dog Co is now offering 20% off all FidoProProtection products through April 28th! FidoPro is the leader in safety and security for canines, providing a variety of high-quality protective and rescue gear for outdoorsy dog lovers. ⁣⁣ The Airlift is a lightweight, packable rescue sling designed so you can efficiently carry your dog if they become injured or sick while you’re hiking, skiing or simply out for a stroll. No matter if you’re a mile from the trailhead or deep in the wilderness, you’ll be able to carry your dog to safety — even if you're alone. The Panza Harness is the ONLY dog harness that also converts into a rescue sling. The Remi Runner Leash was voted number one hiking and running leash. Designed by backcountry dog enthusiasts, it’s the best leash for keeping your dog tethered while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity. It features a hands-free bungee leash with waist belt. Dual bungees prevent sudden jerks that might pull you down while hiking, trail running or skiing. It comes with a 28” webbing runner and carabiner that extends the length of the leash and includes reflective thread for night-time visibility as well as two handles for extra control over your dog.

The "Tag Leash" is a super durable hands-free rope leash for hitting the trails or tethering Fido to a post at the brewpub. We've all been there; you're in an area where you need control over your dog, but in order to tether it to a post you have to take the dog off the leash while you thread the dogs end through the leash handle in order to secure them to a post. . . problem solved! Includes a locking gate carabiner on the leash handle. Simply wrap the handle end of the leash around the post and clip the carabiner to the rope. Super durable rope and sheath with a comfy, plush handle,

The Taco Bowl is a single dog bowl, super light-weight and small enough to fit into your back pocket. Keep your favorite trail buddy hydrated and fed while out and about.

Don't miss the chance to give your pup the best protection possible -- take advantage of Bozeman Dog Co's 20% off deal on all FidoProProtection products now through March 31st!

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