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10 Products Dogs in Bozeman Love

Here at Bozeman Dog Company, we want to make sure that the dogs in the Bozeman area are living their best life. At our locally owned and operated store in Four Corners, we offer a wide selection of dog food and supplies along with dog grooming and training. Here is a list of 10 products dogs in Bozeman are loving right now.

1. Purebites:

These freeze-dried treats are a huge hit with all dogs. They come in many different flavors and the best part is they are all only one ingredient!

2. West Paw Bison Lung and Heart:

Like the Purebites, these freeze-dried treats are also only one ingredient. The special thing about these is they are locally made in Bozeman, MT!

3. Beef Cheek Rolls:

These long-lasting chews are all-natural and made from the cow’s entire cheek. These chews help with boredom and are rich in collagen which helps promote healthy hips and joints.

4. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil:

Containing both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids this product helps with skin and coat health as well as promotes a strong immune system and hip and joint health. All you have to do is add it to your dogs kibble!

5. Kong Ropes:

What dog doesn’t love to play tug-a-war? These ropes have a good give and pull which helps it last longer than others. They also come in different lengths and even rings.

6. Nothin To Hide:

These chews are an amazing rawhide alternative! They are highly digestible and promote healthy teeth and gums. Perfect for dogs of all life stages and breeds!

7. Donut Beds:

Your furry friend deserves a comfy and cozy place to sleep. Donut dog beds give them just that! They are so soft and fluffy and help prevent anxiety in your dog.

8. Smart Bones:

These rawhide free bones and a favorite with all dogs. They are made with real vegetables and chicken and are enriched with vitamins and minerals.

9. West Paw Toppl:

This locally made toy is great for any dog that suffers from separation anxiety! With its cup like design, you can fill it with your favorite treats or wet food. We suggest freezing it before giving it to your dog for a longer lasting treat.

10. Licki Mats:

Similar to the West Paw toy these are also great for separation anxiety. Just spread peanut butter, wet food, fat-free yogurt, or whatever your dog enjoys onto the mat and let them lick away!

To purchase any of these products, visit our store in Four Corners at 43 Mill Town Loop, Suite E, Bozeman, MT. Or, give us a call at 406-577-2733. Visit our website to learn more about our dog training and dog grooming services.

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