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We customize our training schedule to best meet participants’ needs.  Please contact us about your interest and availability.  We’ll do our best to put together a schedule for the class you are interested in that is most convenient for you!

Courtney’s training courses lead to a well-behaved dog and a positive, rewarding relationship between you and your dog.  The courses are designed to provide you with the tools needed to teach your dog to be well-mannered, obedient, and happy. Utilizing only positive reinforcement training methods, our classes are effective, fun, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our top-notch trainer offers Puppy Preschool, Adolescent Puppy Training, Intermediate Obedience Training, and, Reactivity Classes as well as private sessions for dogs of all ages.


Courtney’s training program is designed to help you, the owner, get to the bottom of your dog’s behavioral issues and resolve them. By building impulse control and a cooperative bond between you and your dog we will achieve your training and behavior goals. Rather than using shock collars to prevent unwanted behaviors, we facilitate proper behaviors through positive reinforcement.  Instead of taking your dog out of your home environment for training, we want your dog at home with you so we can tackle home-based behavior problems and resolve them once and for all.  When you are a key participant in the training process of your dog, it leads to more sustainable positive results compared to boarding/training programs.  By understanding your dog’s behavior with the help of our training process you can build a lasting positive and cooperative bond with your dog.








“Growl” Classes- Group Reactivity Classes 

Does your dog lunge, bark, growl in overreacting to other dogs? This class is designed to help reactive dogs learn appropriate impulse control around other dogs. In the class, we will simulate real-life situations to set your dog up for success and a positive experience in challenging situations.  Your dog will learn coping skills as well as the importance of focusing on you as their leader, listening for your guidance and instruction instead of displaying reactive behaviors toward other dogs.  What was previously a confrontational situation will become a positive association! 

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