Dog Training

November 7th, Meetup Group 7:00 p.m

7-12 Month Puppy Training Begins November 9th
3-6 Month Puppy Pre-School Begins November 14th
Tuesday & Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m


General Information

Bozeman Dog Company training courses teach you and your dog the skills necessary for a long and happy relationship. We use only positive and reward-based training using treats and praise to keep classes entertaining and effective. We will be offering a puppy kindergarten class as well as a puppy training class. Each of the group classes will be held once a week for a total of five weeks. Private training sessions are available on a session to session basis dependent on the owner and puppy’s individual needs.

Puppy Pre-School: This course is for puppies ages 3 to 6 months old. The puppies must have at least two rounds of their puppy shots to ensure their immunity is built up enough to be in a group setting with other puppies (proof of vaccination will be required). This pre-school class will focus on socializing your puppy to different people, other puppies, toys, cars, and common things dog’s encounter such as leads, feeders, fence and avoidance systems. During this course, owners will learn some about food/nutrition, stages/phases of their puppy’s development, common puppy problems, breed characteristics, potty training, and anything else the owners may want to know about how to work with their new puppy!

Puppy Training: Is for puppies 7 months to 1 year in age.  Proof of vaccination is also required for this course. This course will be geared more toward training techniques for sitting, laying down, learning to heel on a leash, and other basic doggie manners. We will go over handling and restraint methods as well as Q & A on other types of training methods and things to work with your puppy on through his/her lifetime.

Private Puppy Training: Private in-home sessions are available for owners and their puppies 8 weeks to one year of age. These sessions are customized to the owner’s preference for their puppy’s needs.  We will work together to get your puppy socialized and work on specific training methods just as we would in a group setting, just in your own home instead! I will also offer puppy orientation class for any first-time puppy owners that will allow one on one time for me to go over training methods and introduce new owners to all things to do with their new puppy!

Puppy Training Price List

Puppy Kindergarten:  $110 per puppy for the five-week course. Each class session will be 60 to 75 minutes.

Puppy Training: $120 per puppy for the five-week course. Each class session will be 60 to 75 minutes.

 Private Puppy Training: $65 per puppy for each session in home. Sessions are 60-90 minutes.

  • $60 per puppy per session if scheduled as package of 2 sessions = 2 total sessions @ $120 total
  • $55 per puppy per session if scheduled as package of 3 sessions= 3 total sessions @ $165 total
  • $45 per puppy per session if scheduled as package of 4 sessions = 4 total sessions @ $180 total

Private Puppy Orientation: $75 per puppy for a 120 to 150 minute session in your home.

Call 406.577.2733 to register

Official Puppy Training Course Registration Form

Official Puppy Pre-School Registration Form

Meet Our Trainer


Hello there! My name is Courtney Horning. I am the dog trainer for Bozeman Dog Training at the Bozeman Dog Company and Invisible Fence of the Big Sky!

I graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Animal Science. I have had such an immense passion for dogs my whole life. My family always had several dogs that were my responsibility to train and help take care of. I knew I wanted to work with animals from a very young age so I began volunteering and shadowing veterinary offices when I was twelve years old. I got my first veterinary clinic kennel job when I was fourteen in Iowa and continued my work at veterinary offices in Tennessee where I was a veterinary assistant and technician for six years.

I moved to Bozeman, MT almost six years ago to continue my education at Montana State University. I have been an employee of the Bozeman Dog Company and Invisible Fence of the Big Sky since (month and year) working as a trainer and office assistant. I enjoy spending my free time with my husband and our two little fur babies, a dog I rescued as a vet tech named Lennon and our cat Izzy I also rescued while living in Memphis. I love dogs and have had a passion for learning their behavior and a determination to make a career for myself with them since I was a little girl.

I will be offering both group classes and private classes for anyone dependent on your preference! I cannot wait to work with you and your puppies!

Questions? Contact me!

Mobile: (901) 592-8885

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